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Sun Valley Imports Blog Homepage

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Internal Affairs

Inside the jobs we complete for our customers every day. We celebrate birthdays and accomplishments for all of our customers.


We like to review the things we offer our customers like apps, cars, new OBD devices… Look in this section to understand our position on items you may use.

Our Beloved Brands

We service European car models including Porsche, Mercedes Benz and Sprinter Vans, Land Rover, VW, BMW, Jaguar, Smart Car, Mini Cooper, and Audi. In this section you will find articles pertaining to these specific car models.

Car Maintenance

Need to know regular maintenance information? Select this section to get help.

How To...

Want to know how to do something on your car? Check this section to see if we have it.

Care Care Aware, Everyone Needs To Know

This category contains posts related to car care including regular service maintenance and repair information. It does not contain specific car brand information but does answer general questions about many things you may want to know. This category is good for people who really don't understand cars and who are looking for a general baseline of information about how to care for your car. If you are a new driver we recommend taking the time to read the material in this section.