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Regularly Scheduled Maintenance And How To Check It

Regularly scheduled maintenance is something everyone needs to know about. However, it is something many people don’t fully understand. If you own a vehicle and are responsible for its upkeep you should keep reading. By definition regularly scheduled maintenance is a schedule of service and inspection of your cars major components set up by the car manufacture to ensure your car keeps running at its best until you decide you do not want the car any longer. Scheduled maintenance is considered preventative maintenance and it will ensure that your motor continues to operate at maximum power. Scheduled maintenance is not the same as a repair. Repair is when something suddenly breaks and stops working, very much like your air conditioner at home. The regular maintenance of your homes AC system includes changing the internal filter while having to replace a compressor is a repair.

Here are the main reasons why keeping up with your cars maintenance is the best choice you can make.

1.      YOU WILL SAVE TIME AND MONEY IN THE LONG RUN. The main reason to have your car inspected at the scheduled time mileage or while getting an oil change is to ensure the major components like the water pump are in good operating condition. It is our job to inform you about the issues arising on your vehicle. We do not just want to take your money. We use a scale of 1 = the part needs immediate attention, 2 = Keep an eye on this and 3 = we noticed this but don’t worry about it yet. If you know the issue is there you can plan to have it taken care of before it stops working.


While there are many aspects of regularly scheduled maintenance, there are certain things some people deem more important than others. On "The Importance Of A Car Care Checklist" blog we provided a link to a maintenance log we created for you to keep in your car. Here is the document again if you need it. On this you will see there are some items that happen at timed intervals and some items are scheduled on mileage of the car. Some items need to be replaced and some items just need to be inspected for wear and tear. We also want to provide this link to RepairPal. RepairPal is a reputable car maintenance website that helps car owners just like you understand the many repair and maintenance items your car will likely need. They also have an online estimator that can help you determine if the amount you are being quoted is a fair price.

Please remember to make the best decision for you and your car while choosing when and where to complete your scheduled maintenance. We always recommend finding an honest mechanic and using them each time. Completing the recommended repairs and keeping up with scheduled maintenance items will ensure that your car lasts a very long time. If you are in the Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas please give us a call for your car service and repair needs. We look forward to helping you.

SVI Car Care Checklist Download

Cherril Babbs

I am Cherril and I have been around cars and trucks my entire life. From watching my dad hang motors by a tree limb in our back yard at 4, to working on my own cars and eventually writing content and creating advertising material in my current position at a European auto repair shop, I understand both the customer (you) and the shop side of auto repair and service. Do I always agree with everything on both sides, no, but do I understand them, yes. I have decided to help bridge the gap between what many people think and feel about cars and auto shops and what we actually do at this shop. It is my goal to help you understand your options and the facts of the situations we see every day. I always encourage you to ask questions no matter where you choose to have your car worked on.

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